Supplemental Information Submitted

We have submitted additional information to the American Academy of Actuaries regarding the Sunshine Amendment.  Hopefully, with this additional information the Academy will schedule a membership vote on the Sunshine Amendment.  There is a Board meeting October 4-5, 2018.

The additional information included:

  • Documentation that the text of the Sunshine Amendment has not changed
  • Copies of email generated by the website
  • Additional signers
  • Supplemental information provided by signers

From the time the Academy rejected the initial submission, over 400 people signed for the first time or submitted supplemental information.  THANK YOU for the very prompt attention to this issue!

Will this additional information be enough or will the Academy manufacture additional reasons not to schedule the membership vote?  I don’t know, but we will hope for the best!  The total number of signers exceeds the required number by more than 125.  Additional people continue to sign the petition and supply supplemental information.

Once the Academy schedules the membership vote, we still have an uphill battle.  To change the bylaws, 2/3 of MAAAs who vote must approve the change.  And, the Academy controls the messaging and timing of the election.  So, getting the vote scheduled is only the first step!