Meaning of Transparency

The Academy keeps asserting that meetings continue to be transparent and open under their new meeting policy, but they do not seem to know what the words mean.  A meeting is neither transparent nor open if:

  • You can only attend if your presence is “helpful” to the Academy to attend.
  • You can only attend if the chair approves your attendance.
  • You can not share an account of the meeting with other actuaries.
  • You can only attend if you guess the time, date and location of the meeting.
  • You can only attend if you sign a loyalty pledge to the Academy to attend.

The Sunshine Amendment protects the standard setting process by keeping it open and free from commercial interests and insular thought processes.  The Sunshine Amendment does not allow attendees to speak or disrupt meetings –only to watch and learn!  Restore transparency and openness to standard and qualification setting meetings – Vote “NO” on bylaw amendment 1 and “YES” on bylaw amendment 2.

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