What's At Stake

Quite literally US actuarial self-regulation is at stake because the trust of the actuarial profession and public are at stake.  How can we submit ourselves to standards of practice when we can't see the process used to set them?

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Actuarial Standards Board

The Actuarial Standards Board ('ASB') sets the actuarial standards of practice for actuaries who are members of any of the US-based actuarial organizations - the Academy, ACOPA, CAS, CCA or SOA.

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Committee on Qualifications

The Committee on Qualifications ('CoQ') is an extremely important group even though not as many actuaries are familiar with the CoQ as the ASB. 

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What happened?!?!

Immediately after approving the agenda for the January 2018 Academy Board of Directors meeting, Bob Beuerlein, who was presiding at the meeting, moved the meeting into Executive Session.

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What's Next?

We are pursuing several avenues to undo this misguided change to the open meeting policy.  One of the most promising options is to change the Academy bylaws, but we need your help.  If 3% of Academy members request a bylaw amendment, the proposed amendment will be put to a membership vote.  A bylaw change will prevent future closing of standard and qualification meetings unless the bylaws are amended again.  Please support this effort by signing the petition, sending an email to the Academy president or letter to the Academy president and encouraging your colleagues to do the same.